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Sanjeev Sirpal, like 90 percent of all first generation Indian-Americans, was born near Chicago, IL and was immediately accepted into med-school. The details of his upbringing in sunny South Florida are captivating and poetic and were adapted into a series of successful films starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

Since watching Back To The Future at an early age, Sanjeev always knew that he wanted to make movies, and drive a Delorean, and he has been obsessed with them (movies that is, Deloreans turn like they're underwater) ever since. He cannot ever remember where he parked but he can quote Spaceballs from start to finish. He broke up with a girlfriend on-site because she told him she didn't like The Matrix. The only movie he has ever cried at was Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. For some reason, when the ant was killed he lost it. It is still a touchy subject.

After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in literary journalism and a minor in disappointing his parents, Sanjeev took a job with the Associated Press covering the Cops and Courts beat for the Southeast (lots and lots of meth labs). Sanjeev figured he had two choices: Go on a cross-country series of daring adventures, righting wrongs and capturing the hearts of women everywhere, or move to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of becoming a writer. Due to his aversion to planning and a small bladder, he chose the latter.

Sanjeev's first job in Los Angeles was working for Hollywood agency powerhouse, WME. He spent the next few years working in development, where he worked on other people’s projects at UNIVERSAL, WARNER BROTHERS, PARAMOUNT, and MTV, until he was finally able to write and direct his own feature.

Sanjeev's debut film, SCREW CUPID, was made for less than Chris Evans' codpiece budget on THE AVENGERS. It screened and won some awards at festivals like the Seattle International Film Festival and the Delray Beach Film Festival before it was ultimately picked up by The Sundance Channel and IFC.

Sanjeev's latest feature, RANDOM TROPICAL PARADISE is the first film from Sanjeev's very own company, SHABASH FILMS. A company Sanjeev founded for the purpose of getting out of the very comfortable routine of being paid to professionally eat lunch with the very same studios that made the movies he grew up watching, and getting back to fulfilling the dream he has had since he was a kid, of actually making movies.
Sanjeev holds the records for the world's loudest whisper, fastest 1m distance time, and most made up world's records.

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